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Authors Guidelines

Papers considered for publication

All submitted graph theory related papers are considered subject to the understanding that they have not been published before in any form and are not being considered for publication elsewhere.

To be publishable, papers must address new mathematical research, be well written, and be of interest to a significant segment of the mathematical community.

Papers must be written in English only.

Preparing a manuscript for submission

The IJAGT is committed to processing all submitted papers in the shortest possible time. It is, therefore, vital that authors take care to ensure that their manuscripts are in their final form and conform to the following specifications:

  • The IJAGT recommends LaTeX for manuscript preparation and has prepared a sample LaTeX [TEX file Available under Downloads section] file for author review which generates this PDF Tex file of Author.  Please ensure the pages are numbered, beginning with 1. For further information about style, formats, the use of LaTeX and the production of PDF output, contact the IJAGT by E-mail:
  • The first page should contain a short descriptive title, the name(s) and the institutional affiliation of the author(s) followed by an abstract, not exceeding 250 words, which can be read independently of the paper.
  • This should be followed by the Key Words and Mathematics Subject Classification Number for the primary and secondary subjects of the article.
  • Citations should be to an alphabetical bibliography at the end of the paper. The style should conform to one of those used in recent issues of the IJAGT.
  • The list of references should use the Standard Abbreviations issued by Mathematical Reviews (MR).

Submission Process

E-mail submission:

Please send the article by e-mail to

Peer Review

The editorial board will review the manuscript and, if it is judged acceptable for publication, the editors will handle the peer review process. If successful, this process will result in the paper’s acceptance for publication.


Once a peer-reviewed paper has been accepted for publication, the author will be notified by email. Upon notification, the author(s) must then:

  1. Provide a complete set of the most recent LaTeX source files (and any supplementary files required, such as figures or macros) and a PDF version of the resulting manuscript.
  2. Transfer the copyright for the paper to the International Journal of Applied Graph Theory using an online web form so that we can legally publish it online and in print (see sample).